Seminar on gender pay gap held today

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Today, on 26 January, in Tallinn, Statistics Estonia holds a seminar on the gender pay gap. The seminar, called “Lahkame lõhet”, presents the results of the pay gap surveys carried out and discusses the gender pay gap both on the global scale and in terms of the situation in Estonia.

According to the latest data, Estonia has the biggest gender pay gap in Europe. The Norway Grants project “Increased availability of gender pay gap statistics”, implemented by Statistics Estonia in order to study the pay gap, has reached its final stage. The final seminar focuses on giving an overview on the project and its implementation and discussing the Diversity Charter and the related topics.

“In order to understand the causes and trends of the gender pay gap, it is necessary to monitor developments in the society and on the labour market,” Andres Oopkaup, Director General of Statistics Estonia, noted in his opening speech of the seminar. When we started the “Increased availability of gender pay gap statistics” project, our aim was to update the statistics on the pay gap between men and women and to ensure that the gap is monitored annually,” he added. “We also set the objective that Statistics Estonia will not increase the administrative burden of enterprises and individuals in the process of monitoring these indicators of gender equality, but uses already existing data and involves additional administrative data sources, if necessary,” Oopkaup said.

“One of the results of the project is that, in co-operation with experts in the field, we have agreed on the indicators of gender equality that we will be monitoring and on the methodology for calculating these indicators. An overview on the indicators and the methodology is available in the publication “Indicators of Gender Equality”, which we are presenting today,” explained Project Manager Kutt Kommel, who is a Leading Statistician-Methodologist at Statistics Estonia. He added that, as a result of the project, Statistics Estonia’s statistical database was also supplemented with a section on the indicators of gender equality.

Seminar schedule (only in Estonian)

See the publication “Indicators of Gender Equality

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The implementation period of the “Increased availability of gender pay gap statistics” project, funded by the Norway Grants 2009–2014 programme “Promoting gender equality and work and family life balance”, is 25 March 2013 to 30 April 2016.

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