Statistics Estonia’s electronic data submission environment upgraded

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In June, Statistics Estonia’s electronic data collection channel eSTAT was upgraded with a long-awaited and more consumer-friendly user interface. Data submission in the upgraded environment is easier and the channel itself is more user-friendly.

“Over the years, eSTAT user numbers have reached nearly 80,000, of which nearly 40,000 enterprises are required to submit data in 2018. The environment has a large number of users, the channel itself has been in use for over ten years, and based on the feedback of enterprises, an urgent upgrade was needed,” Mart Mägi, Statistics Estonia’s Director General elaborated on the reason for the upgrade. During the course of the development work, Statistics Estonia collaborated with accounting enterprises and accountants, taking into consideration also the users’ daily feedback. The new design was created in cooperation with design agency Velvet. “The new design stems from the principle that the environment is easy to use and the learning curve is as short as possible,” explained Mägi. “We realise that even though enterprises were looking forward to the upgrade of the environment, it may take some time for users to adapt. Therefore, our contact centre of respondents is ready for an increased number of requests for assistance,” said Mägi.

The main changes in eSTAT

  • Significantly easier user management.
  • The displayed list of questionnaires is sorted by the due date.
  • The system of reminders and notifications is easy to manage.
  • Questionnaire navigation is more intuitive and checking of data is easier.
  • Display of errors is logical and clear. Switching between the error message and the questionnaire is convenient.
  • All questionnaires are also available in English.

Events for introducing the new eSTAT design are planned to take place in June. Invitations shall be sent to enterprises by e-mail.

Statistics Estonia’s contact centre of respondents can be contacted by telephone +372 625 9100 or by e-mail address klienditugi at stat dot ee.

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