In March, the number of tourists in accommodation establishments decreased

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According to Statistics Estonia, in March 2019, in total 233,000 domestic and foreign tourists stayed in accommodation establishments, which is 3% less than in March 2018. The number of domestic tourists increased and the number of foreign tourists decreased compared to March last year.

In March, in total 124,000 foreign tourists used the services of accommodation establishments, which is 7% less than a year ago. Foreign tourists spent in total 246,000 nights in accommodation establishments, or 5% less than in March 2018.

Foreign tourists accounted for 53% of the total number of tourists. 37% of foreign tourists came from Finland, 16% from Russia and 12% from Latvia. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of tourists from Finland decreased by one fifth, the number of tourists arriving from Russia by 6% and the number of tourists from Latvia increased by 5%. More tourists arrived also from Lithuania, Germany and the United Kingdom. Of the accommodated foreign tourists, 64% came to Estonia for holiday, 29% were on a business trip and the rest had some other reason for visiting. 70% of foreign tourists were accommodated in Tallinn.

In March, 109,000 domestic tourists stayed in accommodation establishments, i.e. 2% more than in March 2018, whereas the number of nights spent by domestic tourists decreased slightly. 62% of domestic tourists were on a holiday trip and 23% on a business trip. 28% of the accommodated domestic tourists stayed in accommodation establishments in Harju county, 17% and 15% respectively in Pärnu and Tartu counties, and 10% in Ida-Viru county.

988 accommodation establishments offered services for tourists across Estonia. 20,000 rooms and 46,000 bed places were available. 39% of the rooms and 30% of the bed places were occupied. The average cost of a guest night was 36 euros, i.e. one euro more than in March 2018. The average cost of a guest night in Harju county was 41 euros, in Tartu county 36 euros, and in Pärnu county 28 euros.

Accommodation by region, March 2019
Accommodation Total Northern Estonia North-Eastern Estonia Central Estonia Western Estonia Southern Estonia
Accommodation establishments 988 221 56 107 287 317
Rooms 20,086 8,935 1,1976 1,496 4,374 4,084
Bed places 45,896 19,525 2,634 3,748 10,035 9,954
Room occupancy rate, % 39 48 47 18 34 30
Bed place occupancy rate, % 30 36 41 16 26 22
Tourists accommodated 233,384 121,012 19,065 10,520 42,322 40,465
Nights spent 420,897 217,937 33,382 18,421 82,420 68,737
residents of Estonia 174,655 47,373 17,947 14,996 48,411 45,928
foreign visitors 246,242 170,564 15,435 3,425 34,009 22,809
Average cost of a guest night, euros 36 41 33 30 28 32

The statistics are based on the questionnaire “Accommodation”, the submission deadline of which was 10 April 2019. Statistics Estonia published the monthly summary in 16 working days. For the statistical activity “Accommodation”, the main representative of public interest is the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, commissioned by whom Statistics Estonia collects and analyses the data necessary for conducting the statistical activity.

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