The quantity of sold pesticides decreased by one-tenth last year

news release no 76

According to Statistics Estonia, 643 tonnes of pesticides by active substance were placed on the market in Estonia in 2018, which is 10% less than the year before.

Herbicides accounted for 67%, fungicides 17%, growth regulators 11% and insecticides 4% of the total quantity of pesticides sold. In 2018, the quantity of growth regulators sold decreased by almost a quarter compared to 2017. The quantities of herbicides and fungicides sold also decreased, while the quantity of insecticides placed on the marked slightly increased in 2018.

Compared with 2014, the quantity of sold plant protection products was 6% higher in 2018. For example, the sales of growth regulators increased by a third and the sales of fungicides by a quarter. The quantities of herbicides and insecticides sold remained at about the same level.

Pesticides are used not only for agricultural purposes, but also in forestry, wood processing industry, road and railway maintenance, sports and playgrounds and parks. Anyone can buy plant protection products for use in their own garden.

Pesticides placed on the market are pesticides bought abroad and brought to Estonia for sales. Pesticides are used for weed, plant pest, parasite and insect control. The use of pesticides can fluctuate yearly depending on climate conditions and variability in plant damages and diseases.

For the statistical activity “Sales of pesticides”, the main representative of public interest is the Ministry of Rural Affairs, commissioned by whom Statistics Estonia collects and analyses the data necessary for conducting this statistical activity.

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More detailed data have been published in the Statistical Database.