Pilot survey of the Estonian Labour Force Survey is about to begin

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On 7 October, Statistics Estonia will launch a pilot Labour Force Survey, which will be conducted in parallel to the regular Labour Force Survey. The aim of the pilot survey is to test the renewed questionnaire and methodology, which will be implemented in 2021. This is the first time that the respondents can use an online questionnaire and the sample of the survey will include persons aged 75‒89.

Pilot survey of the Estonian Labour Force Survey is about to begin

The Labour Force Survey provides an overview about the employment and unemployment of the population, working conditions and changes in the labour market. The objective of the survey is to assess the situation in the Estonian labour market and get an overview of the economic activity of the population. The Labour Force Survey is very important in Europe as a whole, as it provides an overview about the trends and situation in the European labour market. The results of the pilot survey are important for developing new methods, acquiring reliable data on the Estonian labour market and ensuring international comparability of the data.

The pilot survey shall include approximately 1,600 households, incl. persons aged 15‒89, who will have to fill in the questionnaire four times. For the first time, persons aged 75‒89 will also answer questions concerning employment. Persons in institutions such as prisons, military and social welfare institutions, etc., will be excluded from the survey population. All the households in the survey sample shall be notified of their inclusion by Statistics Estonia. Three methods will be used for data collection and each household can choose the most suitable method. In the pilot survey, online questionnaire has been added to phone and in-person interviews. The online questionnaire can be filled in at a convenient time. Every answer is very important for ensuring the reliability of the collected data.

The Labour Force Survey is one of the oldest and biggest surveys in Estonia. The results of the survey are used for assessing important indicators in society and making decisions which affect all of us. The Labour Force Survey provides important data about employment indicators in Estonia as a whole and in Estonian regions. The results will be used as a basis for policy-making and for getting an overview of the Estonian economic situation.

For further information:

Eveli Voolens
Population and Social Statistics Department
Statistics Estonia
Tel +372 625 9334

Information about the pilot Labour Force Survey is available on the website of Statistics Estonia (in Estonian).