Average gross hourly earnings continue to increase

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The news release was corrected on 21.11.2019. Please consider the figure marked in red in the text as correct.

According to preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2018, managers had the highest gross hourly earnings, while elementary occupations workers had the lowest.

According to preliminary data, in 2018, the gross hourly earnings of managers were highest (11 euros) and those of elementary occupations workers were lowest (4.6 euros). The average gross hourly earnings increased by 29% in four years. Compared to 2014, the gross hourly earnings increased the most for skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers (36%) and service and sales workers (35%). The earnings increased the least in the case of technicians and associate professionals (22%).

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More detailed data have been published in the Statistical Database (Gross hourly earnings of employees by major group of occupation, preliminary data, 2018).