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Foreign trade, September 2019

news release no 136

According to Statistics Estonia, in September 2019, compared to September 2018, the exports of goods decreased by 3% and imports increased by 3%. In the third quarter, exports decreased by 2%, having increased in the first two quarters.

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Consumer price index, October 2019

news release no 134

According to Statistics Estonia, the change of the consumer price index in October 2019 was –0.1% compared to September 2019 and 1.6% compared to October of the previous year.

In October, food had the greatest impact on the consumer price index

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Accommodation, September 2019

news release no 132

According to Statistics Estonia, in September, 295,000 tourists stayed in Estonian accommodation establishments, where they spent more than 544,000 nights. 64% of the tourists were foreign tourists and 36% were domestic tourists.

In September, more tourists stayed in accommodation establishments

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Registration for the European Statistics Competition is now open

news release no 131

The European Statistics Competition 2020, organised by the European statistical office Eurostat, takes place in 17 countries. Basic school, secondary school and vocational school students are invited to participate. The best teams in Estonia are awarded and will have the opportunity to participate in the international phase of the competition.

The European Statistics Competition

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