Säästva arengu näitajad. Indicators of Sustainable Development  (e-publication)

ISBN 9985-74-368-7

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format A4. 142 pp
Published: 28.03.2006

The analytical publication presents over 60 social, environmental, economic and institutional indicators in the following fields: equality, health, education, living conditions, security, welfare, atmosphere, land use, coastal areas, freshwater, biological diversity, structure of economy, pattern of consumption and production, environmental economy, institutional capacity. The data of other countries and the European Union data have been presented for comparison. The indicators are presented in accordance with the list of United Nation Commission of Sustainable Development and the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Most recent data are for the years 2003 or 2004. The regional dimension is also presented where possible. Indicators are supplemented with definitions and comments on data. Information has been provided in overviews, tables, diagrams and thematic maps. Addressed to the users more interested in the subject.

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