Vaesus Eestis. Poverty in Estonia 

ISBN 978-9985-74-483-3

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format A4. 200 pp
Published: 26.02.2010
Corrected: 04.03.2010

In the publication the trends of poverty in Estonia’s society since the regaining of the independence will be analysed. The publication provides an overview on how the nature and the extent of poverty have changed in time and who are the impoverished persons in Estonia’s society. The generational poverty as well as permanent poverty will be observed, also different patterns of poverty and the connections between material deprivation and poverty. The influence of current economic recession on poverty compared with the previous periods of economic recession will be analysed. The poverty of immigrant population is observed separately, also the ways for reducing the poverty and the measures of social insurance and social welfare will be analysed. The publication has been compiled in co-operation with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia. Addressed to users more interested in the subject.

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