Eesti statistika aastaraamat. 2013. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia 

ISSN 1406-1783
ISBN 978-9985-74-526-7

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format B5. 436 pp
Published: 26.07.2013
Corrected: 05.08.2013

What did the year 2012 bring along for Estonia? The statistical yearbook provides an overview of the environment, population, social life and economy in 2012 in comparison with the three or four previous years. It includes thematic maps and a socio-economic overview, which sums up the changes in the economy and society of Estonia. There is an informative article about each domain presented together with tables and diagrams. Comparisons with other countries help to establish Estonia’s position in the world. A glossary of statistical terms and definitions, and the index are included at the end of the yearbook.

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