Eesti piirkondlik areng. 2014. Regional Development in Estonia 

ISSN 1736-8693
ISBN 978-9985-74-545-8

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format B5. 132 pp
Published: 28.11.2014

This is an analytical publication on regional development in Estonia, focusing on the level of counties and local government units. Some subject areas are analysed in more detail, e.g. on the level of settlement units and urban regions. The Population and Housing Census is the main source of data. Analysis of the topics is primarily based on the geo-information system, which means that there is a large number of thematic maps, accompanied by comments for better understanding. As usual, the publication follows the achievement of the targets set in the Regional Development Strategy of Estonia. It provides an overview of the changes in population, environment, social life and economy, and compares these changes by region. The interpretation of the data is facilitated by the inclusion of definitions of the main indicators and methodological explanations.


  • History of Estonia
  • Nature
  • Estonia and strategy of the European Union – Europe 2020
  • Regional development strategy of Estonia
  • Administrative division. Population and distribution of population
  • Sex and age distribution of the population
  • Births, deaths, natural increase
  • Migration and non-mobility. Labour migration
  • Dwellings
  • Infrastructure
  • Tourism and accommodation
  • Culture
  • Tallinn
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