Säästva arengu näitajad. Indicators of Sustainable Development 

ISSN 1736-9738
ISBN 978-9985-74-580-9

Bilingual: Estonian and English
Format A4. 152 pp
Published: 31.03.2015

What progress has been made towards the four main targets of the Estonian National Strategy on Sustainable Development “Sustainable Estonia 21” (SE21) – growth of welfare, coherent society, viability of the Estonian cultural space and ecological balance? The publication includes 69 indicators of sustainable development that reflect the progress in key domains in Estonia. Under each indicator, there is an analysis of the current situation, an assessment of relevance in the SE21 context, and an overview of the measures defined in current development and action plans. The publication is prepared in cooperation with the Strategy Unit of the Government Office. While the main focus is on sustainable development, the publication provides a good overview of general trends in Estonia.


  • Viability of the Estonian cultural space
  • Growth of welfare
  • Coherent society
  • Ecological balance

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