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News Releases
07.04.2020 Accommodation, February 2020
Consumer price index, March 2020
09.04.2020 Foreign trade, February 2020
Production of industrial output and energy, February 2020
Statistical Database
07.04.2020 Economy - Finance: Banking. Loans and leasings granted to resident non-financial corporations and households, March 2010 - February 2020
Economy - Prices: Consumer price index, March 2020
Economy - Tourism, accommodation and catering - Accommodation: Accommodation, accommodated tourists and nights spent by accommodated tourists, February 2020
09.04.2020 Economy - Agriculture - Agricultural production - Supply balance sheets of agricultural products: Supply balance of eggs and honey, 2019
Economy - Foreign trade - Foreign trade since 2004: Exports and imports, February 2020
Economy - Industry - Industrial products - Short term statistics: Production of industrial products, February 2020
Economy - Industry - Production indices - Short term statistics: Value index of industrial sales and value index of industrial export sales, value index of industrial domestic sales; value index of industrial new orders by economic activity, February 2020
Economy - Industry - Production indices - Short term statistics: Volume index of industrial production, February 2020
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
07.04.2020 Consumer prices, March 2020
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity, March 2020
09.04.2020 Merchandise trade, February 2020
Production index, February 2020