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Statistical Database
24.04.2018 Economy - Finance - Insurance: Life insurance and non-life insurance by type and insurance company, March 2018
Social life - Education - Adult training - Participation in adult education: All data for the period, 2016
25.04.2018 Social life - Labour market - Unemployed persons - Short term statistics: Registered unemployed persons by region/administrative unit, 31 March 2018
26.04.2018 Economy - Economic units - Enterprise groups: All data for the period, 2017
Economy - Transport - Registered motor vehicles: Railway vehicles in the Estonian Railway Traffic Register, 2017
Economy - Transport - Transport infrastructure: Length of transport routes, length of national roads by pavement, registered railways, 31 December 2017
27.04.2018 Social life - Education - General data of education: Formal education institutions, enrolment in formal education and graduates by level of education, 2017
Social life - Education - General education: All data for the period, 2017
Social life - Education - Higher education: Higher educational institutions; acquisition of higher education; percentage of female students; dropouts, 2017
Social life - Education - Preprimary education: Preschool institutions and children in preschool institutions, 2017
Social life - Education - Vocational education: All data for the period, 2017
Main Indicators (IMF:SDDS)
27.04.2018 Analytical accounts of monetary financial institutions, March 2018