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Statistical Database
24.04.2020 General data of education: Formal education institutions, enrolment in formal education and graduates by level of education, 2019
General education: All data for the period, 2019
Higher education: Higher educational institutions; acquisition of higher education; percentage of female students; dropouts, 2019
Preprimary education: Preschool institutions and children in preschool institutions, 2019
Vocational education: All data for the period, 2019
30.04.2020 Hobby education: Studying persons in hobby education by field of education, age and sex, 2019
13.05.2020 General data of education: Enrolment in formal education per 10,000 inhabitants; net enrolment rate in formal education; school-life expectancy, 2019
Preprimary education: Enrolment ratio in preschool institutions and expected years of schooling at preprimary level, 2019
03.07.2020 General data of education: Educational expenditure of private educational institutions, 2019
Higher education: Educational expenditure of public universities, 2017 - 2019
20.10.2020 Higher education: Admittance of higer education and dropouts from higher education by level of study and mother tongue, 2019
Vocational education: Acquisition of vocational education by field of study and mother tongue, 2019
11.12.2020 General education: Pupils, discontinuers and grade repeaters in general education by sex, place of residence, mother tongue, school level and language of instruction, 2019