President Kersti Kaljulaid visited Statistics Estonia

news release no 109

Today, President Kersti Kaljulaid visited Statistics Estonia to learn about the opportunities to use big data and experimental statistics to produce official statistics and improve the physical and social environment of Estonian people.

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This year, the European Social Survey focuses on age discrimination and family formation topics

news release no 108

October marked the beginning of the European Social Survey 2018, organised by the University of Tartu and Statistics Estonia. The survey is conducted in 30 European countries and focuses on such topics as age discrimination, family formation and having children. In Estonia, the survey covers 2,000 persons, who are going to be visited by Statistics Estonia’s interviewers.

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In August, the imports of goods increased the most

news release no 107

According to Statistics Estonia, in August 2018, the exports of goods increased by 7% and imports by 11% compared to August 2017. The growth in trade was affected the most by an increase in trade in mineral products (fuel additives, motor spirit) and raw materials and products of chemical industry (fertilizers).

Estonia\'s foreign trade by month, 2016–2018

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Consumer price index remained at the same level as in August

news release no 106

According to Statistics Estonia, the consumer price index in September 2018 remained at the same level as in August and the change compared to September 2017 was 3.7

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In August, more tourists stayed in accommodation establishments than a year ago

news release no 105

According to Statistics Estonia, in August 2018, domestic and foreign tourists who stayed in accommodation establishments numbered 448,000, which is 3% more than in August 2017. Compared to August of the previous year, the number of domestic tourists increased and the number of foreign tourists stayed at the level of the previous year.

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In August, the volume of industrial production was greater than a year ago

news release no 104

According to Statistics Estonia, in August 2018, the production of industrial enterprises increased by 6% compared to August 2017. Production increased in manufacturing and energy, but decreased in mining.

The volume index and trend of production in manufacturing, January 2009 – July 2018 (2015 = 100)

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Stable turnover growth in retail trade enterprises continued in August

news release no 103

According to Statistics Estonia, in August 2018, compared to August of the previous year, the turnover of retail trade enterprises increased by 2% at constant prices. Similarly to July, turnover showed a stable two-percent growth also in August compared to same month of the previous year.

Turnover volume index of retail trade enterprises and its trend, January 2008 – August 2018 (2015=100)

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Eesti Statistika Kvartalikiri. 3/18. Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics Estonia


The quarterly bulletin includes articles on topical or otherwise important issues in different fields. Each issue contains a selection of news with specific statistics for Estonia and other countries. The quarterly bulletin includes time series and diagrams of the main economic and social indicators. Overviews of the principles and methodology of statistics are also published in the bulletin.

Publication cover

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Family formation ‒ from traditional model to multiplicity of choices

Kadri Raid

In the last decades, many family researchers have been fascinated by the changes that have taken place in families. Earlier, a rather similar model was followed to build a family: people got married, had children and stayed married. Today, family life is characterised by an abundance of options as regards planning family events as well as deciding their order of priority, which, in turn, has changed the way families are formed.

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Retail sale of foodstuffs from consumer’s and trader’s perspective

Märt Leesment

In this article, a brief overview of the retail sale of foodstuffs is given. The topic is approached from two perspectives: demand and supply. Retail sale of foodstuffs brings together two parties – the trader and the consumer, and it is difficult to consider one more important than the other. Therefore, in this article, the focus is on both of them. Grocery stores are important, or in fact vital, as in the society today, the share of food obtained from outside trade is quite marginal.

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About tourism statistics: first-time and repeat visitors to Estonia

Jaanika Ait, Mari-Liis Perend

Foreign visitors to Estonia include almost four times more repeat visitors than first-time visitors. Most repeat visitors (91%) come to Estonia from nearby countries. Compared to first-time visitors, they make more shopping and transit trips, visit friends and relatives, but come less for holiday. First-time visitors as a group are more diverse ‒ approximately two-thirds of them arrive from countries further away.

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About foreign trade statistics of Estonian areas in 2017

Evelin Puura, Mirgit Silla

The article provides a short overview of the exports and imports of goods and services in counties in 2017 and shows the number of enterprises with such transactions.

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