Eesti statistika aastaraamat. 2016. Statistical Yearbook of Estonia


The statistical yearbook provides an overview on the environment, population, social life and economy in 2015, in comparison with the three or four previous years. It includes thematic maps and a socio-economic overview, which sums up the changes in the economy and society of Estonia. There is an informative article about each domain, presented together with tables and diagrams. Comparisons with other countries help to establish Estonia’s position in the world. There is an index and a glossary of statistical terms and definitions provided at the end of the yearbook.

Publication cover

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The producer price index of industrial output increased in June

news release no 85

According to Statistics Estonia, in June 2016, the producer price index of industrial output changed by 0.6% compared to May 2016 and by -1.4% compared to June 2015.

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The construction price index started to decline in the second quarter

news release no 84

According to Statistics Estonia, in the 2nd quarter of 2016, the construction price index changed by -0.6% compared to the first quarter of 2016 and by -1.3% compared to the second quarter of 2015.

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Less than half of enterprises submitted EKOMAR in time

news release no 83

This year, for the first time, Statistics Estonia distributed the deadlines of the EKOMAR questionnaire over a longer period and, depending on the economic activity of the enterprise, the deadline fell in the period of 1–8 July. Out of the 8,000 enterprises that were to submit the questionnaire, 44% submitted EKOMAR in time.

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In May, the trade increased

news release no 82

According to Statistics Estonia, in May 2016, the exports of goods increased by 4% and imports by 11% compared to May of the previous year. The imports of goods increased more than the exports of goods, resulting in an increase in the trade deficit.

Diagram: Estonia’s foreign trade by month, 2014–2016

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In May the number of tourists in accommodation establishments increased

news release no 81

According to Statistics Estonia, 280,000 domestic and foreign tourists stayed in accommodation establishments in May 2016, which was 4% more than in May 2015. The number of both domestic and foreign tourists increased.

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In June, the annual change of the consumer price index was influenced the most by motor fuel

news release no 80

According to Statistics Estonia, the change of the consumer price index in June 2016 was 0.3% compared to May 2016 and -0.4% compared to June of the previous year.

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Statistics Estonia met with EKOMAR respondents

news release no 79

Today, on 6 July a meeting was held between Statistics Estonia and respondents where the main topics were the importance of data collected for producing official statistics, steps taken to reduce the administrative burden of enterprises, and penalty payments.

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30% of EKOMAR questionnaires were submitted by the deadline

news release no 78

30% of the enterprises whose submission deadline for the comprehensive annual questionnaire for enterprises (EKOMAR) was Friday, 1 July submitted the questionnaire by the deadline. At Wednesday’s meeting with enterprises submitting EKOMAR questionnaires, Statistics Estonia explains the importance of the collected data to enterprises and hopes to improve data collection in cooperation with them.

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