One of the pillars of music culture in Estonia is the tradition of the song celebration that started in 1869. It has come to express the unity of the Estonian people. Concerts and festivals with international performers are also very popular. The diversity of high-quality music in Estonia and our composers, conductors, musicians and music organisers are renowned in the whole world. One in two persons in Estonia goes to a live concert each year.

Music statistics provide the following information:

  • how many concert organisers there are in Estonia;
  • how many concerts take place in a year;
  • how often people go to concerts;
  • how many Estonian people are active in music.

Music statistics provide an overview of music life and concert organisation in Estonia. The Ministry of Culture uses this information to prepare analyses and make decisions. As of 2019, Statistics Estonia collects data on music directly from the websites of ticket sales enterprises and

Concert attendance of persons aged 15 and over 38.7 %
Amateur choir singers 35,577
Concert organisers 472
Concert attendance total 708 thousand
Number of concerts 3,288
Persons aged 15 and over who attended a concert at least once | 2020


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