Population figure

The population figure shows how many people live in Estonia as at the beginning of the year. The population of Estonia includes citizens, foreign nationals living in Estonia and persons with undetermined citizenship. All persons living in Estonia for at least a year are considered inhabitants.

Population 1,374,687
Population figure as at the beginning of the year | 2004–2024
Population by educational attainment | 2024
Population by native and foreign origin | 2024
Population by citizenship | 2024 – 2024
Estonia EU country (excl. Estonia) Non-EU country Not specified Country unknown
2024 1,127,312 22,936 161,330 62,216 893

Population by ethnic nationality | 2024 – 2024
Estonians 931,993
Russians 296,268
Other ethnic nationalities 137,746
Ethnic nationality unknown 8,680


The population of Estonia in 2085 is projected to be 1.2 million

Today, Statistics Estonia releases the latest population projection for 2024–2085. Various key demographic indicators are published, including the population size of Estonia which is projected to be about 1.2 million in 2085. The population will decrease due to low fertility and population ageing.
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Extraordinary year for population statistics – births at record low, migration at record high (corrected on 16.05.2023)

According to Statistics Estonia, 1,365,884 people live in Estonia as of 01.01.2023, which is 34,088 persons (2.6%) more than at the same time a year ago. In 2022, there were 11,646 births and 17,315 deaths in Estonia. 49,414 persons immigrated to Estonia and 9,657 persons emigrated from Estonia, therefore, immigration exceeded emigration fivefold.
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Population projection shows population decrease is slowing down

According to Statistics Estonia’s population projection, in 2080, there will be approximately 1.2 million people in Estonia. Over the next 60 years, the population of Estonia will decrease by 11%, in the next 25 years, by 35,800 persons, and by 2080, by 145,200 persons.
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