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Financial statistics of enterprises

What economic activities have the largest turnover? Who invests the most? Financial statistics of enterprises help to assess how enterprises and the economy are doing in Estonia.

Progressive enterprises increase productivity and break into international markets. They can offer more jobs and pay a more competitive salary. This has a positive impact primarily on working-age population in the areas where the successful enterprises operate, as well on the Estonian economy as a whole.

Statistics Estonia publishes financial statistics of Estonian enterprises by year and quarter, economic activity, number of employees and by the controlling enterprise’s country. We publish separately the data for sole proprietors.

The main financial statistics of enterprises are:

  • turnover;
  • costs;
  • profits;
  • assets;
  • liabilities;
  • equity;
  • investments;
  • value added;
  • productivity indicators.

We also collect and publish data for foreign affiliates of Estonian enterprises outside the European Union (outward foreign affiliates) and for foreign affiliates registered in Estonia.

Number of enterprises 100,123
Enterprises' turnover (year) 66.48 billion euros
Enterprises' total costs 63.56 billion euros
Enterprises' profit (loss) for the financial year 4.58 billion euros
Enterprises' value added 15.92 billion euros
Enterprises' investments in fixed assets (incl. financial leasing) 4.16 billion euros
Persons employed in enterprises 481,367
Employees in enterprises 457,653
Enterprises' turnover (quarters) 22.59 billion euros
2022 Q2
Number of enterprises | 2016–2020
Enterprises' turnover and value added | 2012–2020
Investments in fixed assets (included financial leasing) | 2014–2020

Turnover and investments of the business sector increased

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, in 2019, turnover increased in most economic activities. Trade, manufacturing and information and communication enterprises contributed the most to the turnover of the business sector. The growth in the sector’s turnover was negatively affected mainly by energy and mining.
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