Vocational education

After graduating from basic or secondary school, it is possible to continue studying at a vocation school in order to learn a trade. Vocational schools enrol adults as well. These schools provide professional education, teaching practical skills to start work as a welder, assembler, electrician, gardener, cook or hairdresser. Modern vocational education institutions offer many exciting specialties.

Vocational education statistics provide information, such as:

  • how many vocational education institutions there are in Estonia and where they are located;
  • which fields of study are available;
  • how many vocational students and graduates there are.

Statistics on vocational education are necessary to make plans and decisions concerning vocational education.

Vocational education institutions 37
Vocational students 24 017
Admitted students 12 114
Dropouts 5 543
Vocational education graduates 8 105
Teachers of vocational education institutions 1 963
Acquisition of vocational education by type of study | 2019
Teachers of vocational education institutions by age | 2019


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