Banking and financial markets

The financial sector is one of the fastest growing and changing sectors in the world. Financial institutions manage funds, invest or manage assets and shares, provide leasing services and loans, manage loan offices and provide financial advice. Almost all people come into contact with financial institutions, for example by using a current account, depositing money or collecting a pension, applying for a bank loan to buy a home, a car, etc.

Statistics on credit institutions, payment and settlement systems, savings and loan associations and leasing enterprises are collected and published by Eesti Pank. Statistics on banking, credit and investment institutions and paying agencies are published by the Financial Supervision Authority. Data from other financial sector entities, not mentioned above, are collected by Statistics Estonia.

The data on financial sector entities are used to calculate an important indicator – the gross domestic product (GDP). This and other financial indicators are used in the preparation of the state budget, in tax policy-making and other policy decision-making. European Union membership fees and subsidies also depend on the GDP. 

Statistics Estonia’s news and data on the GDP by economic activities can be found here.


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