Average monthly gross wages and salaries were €1,894 in Q1

According to Statistics Estonia, the average monthly gross wages and salaries in the first quarter of 2024 were €1,894, which is 8.8% higher than in the same quarter the year before. The median wages were €1,553 in the first quarter of this year and €1,424 in the same quarter of 2023.
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Output of fish farms increased, prices remained largely unchanged

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2023, aquaculture enterprises (fish and crayfish farms) sold 918 tonnes of commercial fish and crayfish, for a total of €5.7 million. The sale of fish roe for consumption amounted to nearly 10 tonnes. The sold quantity of fish farming production increased after three years of decline. The amount of fish roe sold was 3.5 times higher than in 2022.
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Organic farming area and number of organic livestock decreased last year

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2023, the organic farming area in Estonia was 225,300 hectares, representing 22.8% of total utilised agricultural area. 92% of the organic farming area was fully converted and the rest was under conversion. Compared with 2022, the organic farming area decreased by 2.5%, and 78 organic producers ceased activities.
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Today and 20 years ago. Which EU countries' citizens live in Estonia?

While at the beginning of the new century it was mainly the inhabitants of Estonia who eagerly moved elsewhere in Europe, today more and more citizens of other European Union countries are settling in Estonia. Kristjan Erik Loik, leading analyst at Statistics Estonia, takes a look at who has arrived here in the last 20 years.
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