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Request for information

A request for information is a basis for obtaining information on published official statistics, Statistics Estonia and its activity. A request for information will be answered at first opportunity, but no later than within five working days. In the case of a request for explanation, we will respond within 30 working days.

A request for information may be submitted by phone, e-mail, online chat, letter or web form.

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Contract work

Contract work is meant for obtaining more detailed information than available in the news releases, statistical publications or the statistical database. It requires additional processing or analysis of data. Detailed statistics can be ordered for any statistical domain.

It is possible to commission from Statistics Estonia surveys starting with data collection to in-depth analyses or special products. We also offer data visualisations based on existing or ordered data.

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 See the standard of service for contract work

Use of confidential data for scientific purposes

Legal persons and organisations can use for research confidential data held by Statistics Estonia. The data can be used on a workstation computer in the office of Statistics Estonia or remotely, depending on the nature of the data and contract conditions.

 Read more about using confidential data.