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Biodiversity protection and land use

Biodiversity (biological diversity) is a common good, which needs to be carefully preserved. The protection and sustainable use of ecosystems and species contribute to reducing environmental pressure and natural disasters. Healthy and coherent ecosystems also mitigate the effects of global warming. 

One of the global sustainable development goals is to reduce the degradation of natural habitats and halt the loss of biodiversity.

Statistics Estonia publishes the following information on biodiversity, its protection and land use:

  • natural habitats and endangered species;
  • protected plants and animals;
  • ecosystem and biological diversity;
  • nature protection expenditure;
  • land use and its change;
  • share of protected forests.

The statistics can be used to plan nature conservation and biodiversity development, develop a support system and implement landscape and habitat diversity conservation measures.

Share of protected areas in Estonian terrestrial territory 19.4 %
Share of habitat types of European Union interest in at least favourable status 57.0 %
Share of wild species of European Union interest in at least favourable status 56.0 %
Share of protected forests in total forest land 14.1 %


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