Enterprise surveys

Why is it necessary to submit data to Statistics Estonia?

Enterprises have an obligation to submit data, because statistics reflecting the functioning of the society are needed for state governance as well as for enterprises themselves for drawing up development plans and making decisions. Based on the data, government authorities assess the state of the economy, which has an impact on taxes and wages.

The questionnaires that enterprises are expected to fill in are listed on Statistics Estonia’s website under the heading “Obligation to submit data“. The statistics produced on the basis of the collected data are published in the statistical database.

From whom does Statistics Estonia collect data?

Statistics Estonia collects data from enterprises mainly by sample surveys. An enterprise becomes a respondent as a result of random sampling. Enterprises with more than 50 employees or smaller enterprises that are very important in their economic activity have to submit data every year.

Legal basis for data collection

How to submit data?

  • To submit data, we recommend using the electronic data submission environment eSTAT, where questionnaires are partially pre-filled. More information on eSTAT and joining it can be found in eSTAT manual.
  • Under the project Reporting 3.0, it is possible to submit data for the “Wages and salaries and labour force” questionnaire directly from the enterprise’s accounting software.
  • “EKOMAR” questionnaire is pre-filled on the basis of annual reports submitted to the Commercial Register.
  • Statistics Estonia also organises training sessions for respondents (the relevant information can be found here). 

What happens if the data are not submitted?

Upon failure to submit data or submission of distorted data, Statistics Estonia has the right to issue a precept for the elimination of the violation to the respondent. If the respondent fails to comply with the precept, Statistics Estonia may impose a penalty payment.

Contact Centre of Respondents

Tel +372 625 9300
(Mon–Thu 8:30–16:30, Fri 8:30–15:30)
E-mail: klienditugi [at] stat.ee