The prices of goods and services concern and affect many people. People pay attention to what is cheaper and how the prices change over time. When looking for a home, they enquire where, at what price and when it is most advantageous to buy or rent a dwelling. The builders, however, are interested in construction prices. All this information helps to make small and large decisions in everyday life.

Statistics Estonia publishes the services producer price index, the producer price index of industrial output, the export and import price indices, the consumer price index, the construction price index and the dwelling price index. Information is also available on the agricultural output price index and the agricultural input price index.

Price indices provide information on price changes and can be used to monitor the development of the Estonian economy. Most of the indices are calculated on the basis of an internationally recognised methodology, which makes it possible to compare developments with other countries. Price indices are widely used in various contracts to adjust fees. The consumer price index is also used to adjust pensions and wages.

Change in harmonised index of consumer prices on previous year 19.4 %
Change in dwelling price index on previous year 15.1 %
Change in export price index on previous year 23.8 %
Change in import price index on previous year 25.0 %

Construction prices grew by 17.8% last year

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2022, the construction price index increased by 17.8% compared with the average of 2021. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the construction price index increased by 1.9% compared with the third quarter of 2022. The rise in the index compared with the fourth quarter of 2021 was again record high at 16.1%.
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