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Estonia's air is among the cleanest in the world. However, we also have air pollution. Polluted air is a considerable environmental threat to human health. Most harmful are tiny particles from vehicle emissions, combustion processes and chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

Statistics provide an overview of air emissions in Estonia and their origin, for example

  • emissions of chemical and organic compounds and fine particles;
  • emissions of gases caused by acid rain.

The data on air pollutant emissions are used when drawing up development and action plans and for monitoring air quality.

Emissions of sulphur dioxide 30.9
Emissions of nitrogen oxides 32.1 thousand tonnes
Emissions of volatile organic compounds 22.4 thousand tonnes
Emissions of fine particulate matter (PM < 10 µm) 11.3 thousand tonnes
Emissions of acidifying pollutants 2.4 thousand tonnes of acidifying equivalents
CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production | 2010 - 2018
Emissions of acidifying pollutants | 2010 - 2018


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