Statistics reveal a lot about theatres and the attendance of performances. For example, in terms of theatre attendance per capita, Estonia has been at the forefront in Europe and the world for years.

There are state, municipal, private and amateur theatres in Estonia. The largest of them have their own theatre house, permanent staff and regular performances throughout the year. The smaller ones operate on a project basis or on the premises of other cultural institutions. Good and renowned theatre specialists can be found in both large and small theatres.

 From theatre statistics you can learn

  • how many theatres we have;
  • the number of theatre halls and seats;
  • how many productions and performances there are each year;
  • theatre attendance of Estonian people;
  • the average price of a theatre ticket;
  • how many people work in theatres;
  • the economic indicators of theatres;
  • how many theatres are supported by the Ministry of Culture.

Theatre statistics are collected by the Estonian Theatre Agency. Statistics serve as the basis for national decision-making and development plans in the field of culture, to ensure the availability of theatre performances for every age group throughout Estonia.

Theatre seating capacity 17,606
Theatre performances 4,790
New productions in theatres 211
Attendance per 1,000 inhabitant | 2011–2021
Performances of theatres by target group of performance | 2008–2021
Theatre performances by type of production / genre | 2021


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