Population figure

The population figure shows how many people live in Estonia as at the beginning of the year. The population of Estonia includes citizens, foreign nationals living in Estonia and persons with undetermined citizenship. All persons living in Estonia for at least a year are considered inhabitants.

Population 1 328 976
Population figure as at the beginning of the year | 2000 - 2020
Population by native and foreign origin | 2019
Population by educational attainment | 2020

Population projection shows population decrease is slowing down

According to Statistics Estonia’s population projection, in 2080, there will be approximately 1.2 million people in Estonia. Over the next 60 years, the population of Estonia will decrease by 11%, in the next 25 years, by 35,800 persons, and by 2080, by 145,200 persons.
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More births and smaller emigration increased the population figure

According to the revised data of Statistics Estonia, 1,324,820 persons lived in Estonia on 1 January 2019, which is 5,687 persons more than at the same time a year earlier. In 2018, the population figure decreased by 1,384 persons due to negative natural change, but increased by 7,071 persons as a result of positive net migration.
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