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Environmental protection funding

Environmental measures implemented by the state support the development of environmentally friendly consumption and production habits. One of these measures is environmental taxes. Their share in the total tax revenue in Estonia has increased over the years. The purpose of environmental taxes is to mitigate the negative impact of human activity on the environment and to reduce environmental pollution. Examples of environmental taxes are pollution, energy and transport taxes.

Statistics on environmental protection funding provide information on environmental protection expenditures as well as on environmental taxes paid. They include information, such as

  • how much is spent on environmental protection and how large are investments;
  • how much manufacturing enterprises invest in environmental protection and who are the biggest investors;
  • how large is the environmental tax revenue from enterprises and households;
  • how much are environmental protection services consumed.

Environmental protection funding data are used to plan the implementation of environmental protection measures and monitor the ecological tax reform, the purpose of which is to increase taxation on environmental burden and reduce labour taxes.

Environmental taxes 889.5 million euros
Government expenditure on environmental protection 614.0 million euros
Consumption of environmental protection services 459.8 million euros
Environmental investments 25.4 million euros
Environmental protection investments of manufacturing enterprises 7.1 million euros
Environmental protection current expenditures of manufacturing enterprises 98.7 million euros
Environmental tax revenue | 2011 - 2019
Total environmental protection expenditure | 2015 - 2018
National expenditure for environmental protection | 2015 - 2018


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