Security is important for everyone. Security, law and justice are necessary for us to feel safe each day, send children to school on their own and walk in public spaces in the dark.

Prevention activities should have sufficient impact to avoid crimes and conflicts as much as possible. It is necessary to educate youth from early on, teach them rules of behaviour and social norms as well as responsibility in traffic. Fire safety awareness is required to avoid fatal mistakes.

Justice and security statistics reflect the functioning of the Estonian legal system, number of crimes and rescue service work by year and region.

Justice and security statistics cover

  • fires, traffic accidents and water accidents;
  • recorded offences against the person and against property;
  • number of recorded offences by area.

Crime statistics give policy developers and the public reliable information on the level of criminal activity and its spread in Estonia. This information is used to analyse and implement security measures in counties and in the whole country.

From 2022, Statistics Estonia will no longer publish data on events and fires registered by the rescue services, and the data will be available on the Rescue Board’s website.

Events registered by rescue services 18,880
Fires registered by rescue services 3,990
Recorded offences | 2009–2021
Registered offences by type of offence | 2021