What is life like for children living in Estonia? How child-friendly is the Estonian society? Children’s well-being is an important discussion topic and the focus of many organisations, political forces and the media. For a better overview on the topic, it is necessary to collect data and study the situation and opportunities of children from various perspectives.

Statistics Estonia focuses on many areas of children’s lives, such as the environment they grow up in, their living conditions, poverty and social exclusion, the coping of households with children and population trends.

The statistics provide information, such as:

  • how many children are born in Estonia each year;
  • how many children live in Estonia;
  • what is the expenditure of households with children per member of household;
  • how many children are at risk of poverty or live in poverty.

The statistics provide important information on the situation of children in Estonia. Such data are needed for preparing laws relating to children and for measuring child well-being.

Number of children in Estonia 269,111
Expenditure of households with children per household member 4,765.1 euros
Share of children in absolute poverty 4.0 %
Share of children at risk of poverty 16.0 %
Deaths of 0–17-year-olds per 100,000 children of the same age 25.4
Live births 10,949
Equivalised annual disposable income of households with children 18,202.3 euros
Households with children whose dwelling is in good or very good condition 80.1 %
Children in formal childcare 86.7 %
Households with children | 2016–2023
Children's living conditions | 2013–2022
Children in deprived households by item of deprivation | 2023 – 2023
Unit: %
Paying rent or utility bills in time 9.3
Adequately warm home 3.6
Unexpected expenses 28.7
Eating meat, fish or a protein equivalent every second day 4.2
Week holiday away from home 20.3
Car 3.8
Replacing furniture when worn out or damaged 15.8
Having at least two pairs of outdoor shoes in a good condition 1.8
Spending a small amount of money each week on him/herself 8.1
Participating regularly in a leisure activity that costs money 9.4
Getting together with friends or family for a drink or meal at least once a month 4.1
Having internet connection at home for personal use when needed ..