There is an increasing demand for statistics and an expectation to receive more data quicker. Statistics Estonia is committed to producing as quickly as possible official statistics that are understandable, cover areas that are relevant or interesting for the users, while ensuring consistency also in the longer term.

For the period 2023–2030, Statistics Estonia's development plan will be based on four sectoral strategic objectives and cross-organisational development goals:

  1. Data governance.
    Data is our asset. We have a good overview of national data. The home of data is neat and tidy.
  2. Data services.
    Our services are fast, flexible, and tailored to customers' needs. Production of statistics is of high quality and efficient.
  3. Data literacy.
    Data are used skilfully. We are the main and reliable source of data on Estonia.
  4. Organisational development.
    We are an innovative organisation that responds quickly to societal change. We create an environment conducive to development and cooperation for our staff.

In order to better understand what we are focusing on to achieve these goals, each one has been divided into subgoals. These are accompanied by key lines of action, which are used to plan specific activities in a separate action plan.