Peer Review of Statistics Estonia, 2021–2022

Statistics Estonia and all other statistical authorities of the European Union, forming the European Statistical System partnership, are responsible for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics. All European statistical authorities adhere to the 16 key principles defined in the European Statistics Code of Practice, which is supported by the Quality Assurance Framework of the European Statistical System.

Implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice is monitored through peer reviews conducted about every five years. The previous round of peer reviews was carried out in 2013–2015 and the current round takes place in 2021–2023. In Estonia, the peer review was performed on 6–10 September 2021 by a committee formed by Eurostat. The peer review expert team included Jørgen Elmeskov, Director-General of Statistics Denmark; Hana Slegrova, educator and long-term department head at the Czech Statistical Office; Daniela Stefanescu, Director of European Affairs and International Cooperation of the Romanian national statistical institute; and František Bernadič, director of Macro-economic statistics at Eurostat.

The methodology and focus of peer reviews were developed by the European statistics quality working parties.
A peer review is divided into two parts: first, the statistical authority completes a self-assessment questionnaire and assesses its implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice; then, a team of experts assigned by Eurostat assess compliance using the same self-assessment questionnaire and interviews.

Peer reviews are independent and provide a detailed overview of how well Statistics Estonia observes the quality criteria of Eurostat and follows the European Statistics Code of Practice. The peer review report on Estonia can be found here.

Summaries of the Estonian peer reviews are available on the Eurostat website.