Use of confidential data for scientific purposes

Legal persons and organisations can use for research confidential data held by Statistics Estonia. The data can be used remotely in research environment.

Submit an application for the use of confidential data here:

Apply for data

A more detailed description of processing the application and data use conditions can be found in the standard “Procedure for the dissemination of confidential data for scientific purposes".

Processing of personal data of special categories is also subject to authorisation by the ethics committee and/or the Data Protection Inspectorate. An application for authorisation must be made to the ethics committee in the scientific area. More information on the criteria for applying for authorisation is available on the website of the Data Protection Inspectorate

Find the metadata of Statistics Estonia’s surveys.

Guidelines for using confidential data

Conditions for granting an application

The party entering into a contract is a legal representative of a legal person. 

The study has a scientific or statistical purpose. In the case of studies concerning personal data, the applicant shall obtain permission from the Data Protection Inspectorate (AKI) prior to the decision of the Confidentiality Council.

  • If a study conducted for policy-making purposes uses personal data for which queries to other databases or registers are required, permission shall be sought from AKI. See (in Estonian).

  • If a study is conducted using special categories of personal data, permission from the ethics committee in the relevant scientific field is required. If there is no ethics committees in this field of research, permission shall be sought from AKI. 

Permission of AKI is not required if anonymised data are used in the study or if the persons participating in the study have given their consent to the processing of data.

Term for review of application

Statistics Estonia will notify of the approval of the application within 15 work days. If the application cannot be approved because of insufficiencies in the data submitted, Statistics Estonia will contact the applicant within two work days in order to specify the details.

Prices of contract work

The person requesting confidential data shall pay for the processing of the application and, if necessary, for the preparation of data. The use of confidential data on a secure workstation is free of charge.

Contract work price list can be viewed here.

Reserving a workstation

For working with the data, workstations are set up at Statistics Estonia. To use data on a workstation computer, please reserve a time by sending an e-mail to teadlasearvuti [at] (teadlasearvuti[at]stat[dot]ee) or by calling +372 625 9345. When making the reservation, please provide the location (Tallinn or Tartu), date and time (beginning and end time).

  • Workstations are located in Statistics Estonia’s offices: Tatari 51 in Tallinn and in the UT Delta Centre at Narva mnt 20 in Tartu.
  • Workstations are available on work days from 9:00 to 16:00. A reservation for the following day should be sent by 12:00.