About us

The mission of Statistics Estonia is to reflect the situation and changes in the society and offer information important for demographic, social, economic and environmental development of Estonia. The data collected by Statistics Estonia are necessary for making development plans and projections, for policy planning, scientific and applied research and for making informed decisions.

The vision of Statistics Estonia is to become by 2022 the most effective and innovative producer of reliable and user-friendly statistics in Europe.

As the main data competence centre in Estonia, Statistics Estonia is also responsible for coordinating the system of classifications and for data governance in the country.

Official statistics is in accordance with international classifications and methods, as well as with the principles of impartiality, reliability, relevancy, profitability, confidentiality and transparency. In producing statistics, Statistics Estonia is guided by the Official Statistics Act.

The implementation of Statistics Estonia’s mission and vision is based on three core values that underlie our decision-making and communication with stakeholders. 

  1. Reliability
    The statistics produced by Statistics Estonia are based on a scientifically sound and internationally recognised methodology. Our employees are experts in their field. We publish quality statistics. Our activities are ethical. We adhere to statistical confidentiality and treat all users equally.
  2. Cooperation
    We listen to the needs of clients and partners. We keep our promises, are open and straightforward in communication. We participate in public debates and co-operate to achieve a common objective.
  3. Innovation
    We implement state-of-the-art methods and technological solutions in data science and production of statistics. We seek and adopt new data sources. We are resourceful and dare to experiment.

Statistics Estonia works in close co-operation with many institutions, such as Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), OECD, Eesti Pank (central bank of Estonia), the University of Tartu, ministries and local governments. Respondents are also important co-operation partners for us. Statistics Estonia is a part of the European Statistical System, contributing to the development of international statistics.