Changes to the questionnaire Wages and salaries and labour force (1462)

From 2023 onwards, there will be changes to the questionnaire “Wages and salaries and labour force” (1462). The changes are related to the increased use of register data in the production of wage statistics.

The data collected with the questionnaire will be used to produce labour cost indices and job vacancy statistics. Previously (until the end of 2022), this questionnaire was also used to collect data for average wage statistics.

The biggest change concerns data on part-time and full-time employees, which are no longer asked separately. With the modified questionnaire, the data are collected in the column summarising part-time and full-time employees. Therefore, the form will now have one data column instead of three. If necessary, the formula included in the questionnaire can be used to calculate the average number of employees in full-time equivalents.

The change concerns data to be submitted for the year 2023. Data to be provided for the year 2022 in January will still have to be submitted via the old questionnaire form.

Example 1 (column structure of the 2022 questionnaire, only the beginning of the form is shown here)

Example 1

Example 2 (column structure of the 2023 questionnaire, only the beginning of the form is shown here)

Example 2

Files for loading data to eSTAT

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