How happy is the Estonian man?

International Men's Day is celebrated this coming Sunday, 19 November. Epp Remmelg, leading analyst at Statistics Estonia, took the opportunity to find out how the Estonian man is doing.
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GDP flash estimate: economy contracted by 2.5% in Q3

According to Statistics Estonia's preliminary estimate, gross domestic product (GDP) continued to decline in the third quarter of 2023. Robert Müürsepp, team lead of national accounts at Statistics Estonia, said that, compared with the third quarter of 2022, GDP fell by around 2.5%.
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Largest and most comprehensive relationship survey to date reveals: it is in intimate partnerships that people in Estonia experience the most violence

The first-ever relationship survey*, conducted by Statistics Estonia, points to several areas of concern in Estonian people's intimate relationships. Among other things, the results of the survey revealed that both women and men suffer physical, psychological, and sexual violence most often in couple relationships.
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Foreign trade decreased significantly in 2023

According to Statistics Estonia, exports of goods in 2023 decreased by 16% and imports by 17% compared with the year before. Exports of goods amounted to 18 billion and imports to 21 billion euros at current prices. The trade deficit was 3 million euros, which is 695 million euros lower than in 2022.
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Foreign tourists have found their way back to Estonia

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2023, Estonian accommodation establishments served over 3.43 million tourists, which is 5% more than in 2022. The number of foreign tourists increased last year, while the number of domestic tourists decreased.
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Producer price index of industrial output continued to fall

The producer price index of industrial output, which expresses changes in the producer prices of industrial goods manufactured in Estonia for the domestic market and for export, fell by 0.8% in December 2023 compared with November and by 4.4% compared with December 2022.
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1,366,491 people – Estonia's population grew due to immigration, the number of births fell

According to the preliminary data of Statistics Estonia, on 1 January 2024, the population of Estonia was 1,366,491, which is 607 persons more than at the same time a year ago. In 2023, there were 10,721 births and 15,832 deaths in Estonia. Based on the data on registered migration, 20,209 persons immigrated to Estonia and 14,491 persons emigrated from Estonia. Compared with a year earlier, the number of births, deaths and immigrants has fallen, while the number of emigrants has risen.
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The trade deficit was almost two times smaller in November

According to Statistics Estonia, in November 2023, Estonia’s exports of goods amounted to 1.5 billion and imports to 1.7 billion euros. Compared with November 2022, exports of goods decreased by 12% and imports by 19% at current prices. The trade deficit in November was 200 million euros, which is 198 million euros less than a year earlier.
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The consumer price index rose by 9.2% in 2023

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2023, the consumer price index increased by 9.2% compared with the average of 2022. Price changes related to food and non-alcoholic beverages had the biggest impact on the consumer price index in 2023.
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On 23 February, the phone line of Statistics Estonia’s customer support is open until 12:00 pm. Happy anniversary of the Republic of Estonia!