Dwelling and Household Questionnaire

Questions about the dwelling

  • Address of the dwelling
  • What is the type of the dwelling? (apartment; private house; unit of a terraced or semi-detached house etc.)
  • How many households permanently reside in this dwelling?
  • Who is the owner of this dwelling? (type of ownership)
  • When was this house built? (period)
  • How many rooms does the dwelling have?
  • What is the total area of the dwelling? (useful floor area)
  • Is there a kitchen in the dwelling?
  • Amenities of the dwelling (cold water; washing facilities (bath, shower, sauna); toilet; type of heating)

Questions about the household

  • List of household members
  • Are there temporary residents who live in this dwelling for some time of the week or year and whose place of usual residence is elsewhere? (Personal information and address of place of usual residence shall be provided on every temporary resident.)
  • Has any close relative (e.g. parent, child, sister, brother, spouse/cohabitant) of yourself or of a member of your household left Estonia in 2000 or later and is currently living abroad? (Personal information, country of place of usual residence and the time of settling abroad shall be provided on every such person.)
  • Kin relationships between household members (and temporary residents and persons who have left to live abroad) (spouse, cohabitant, child etc.)
  • What is the basis for your household to use this dwelling? (Dwelling is owned by a household; you rent the dwelling etc.)
  • Does your household own a dwelling with no permanent residents during the Census (31 December 2011 – 31 March 2012)?
  • How many such dwellings does your household own?
  • Does your household grow agricultural and horticultural products or keep farm animals, domestic fowls or bees mainly for own consumption?