A household usually consists of people who live in a common dwelling, share a budget and food, or both. Households change over time: when a child grows up and becomes financially independent, he or she leaves one household and starts a new one. A person living alone forms a single-person household. One dwelling can also accommodate several households. Thus, the number of households does not equal the number of families.

How many households are there in Estonia and what characterises them?

  • General data of households show the number of households, their average size and types, breakdown by county, and how the economic situation of households has changed over time in Estonia.
  • Household budget gives an overview of the annual expenditures of households per member. It includes information on how much households spend on food, dwelling, clothes, transport or eating out.
  • Household living conditions give an overview of the conditions and problems of the dwellings where households live; the location, type and age of dwellings as well as what types of heating they use.
Total number of households 643.5 thousand
Households with children 162.0 thousand
Households without children 481.5 thousand
Expenditure per household member 5,723.4 euros per year
Expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages per household member 1,300.4 euros per year
Housing expenditure per household member 932.6 euros per year
Households with good or very good condition of dwelling 76.2 %
Households living in blocks of flats 57.8 %
Households with washing facilities 93.0 %
Households with children | 2016–2023
Annual expenditure per household member | 2019–2020
Problems of household members concerning the dwelling | 2023

Internet use is increasing in Estonia

According to Statistics Estonia*, 93.2% of households in Estonia have an internet connection at home. The number of households with an internet connection has increased by 13,000 compared with the previous year, when there were 533,300 such households. There are also more users of e-commerce.
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People prefer e-commerce while enterprises prefer cloud services

According to Statistics Estonia, 56.5% of the population aged 16–74 used e-commerce in the last three months. Compared to last year, the overall popularity of e-commerce has remained the same, but the amounts spent on purchasing goods and services have increased. The results of the enterprise survey showed that more than half of the companies using the internet use paid cloud services.
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