Document register

Document register  (only in Estonian)

The document register contains documents, legal acts and contracts received and prepared by Statistics Estonia during its activities. Documents are registered no later than on the working day following the day on which they were received, signed or released.

The public view of the document register allows viewing electronic documents that are not restricted or published in the Riigi Teataja. Documents containing personal data or registration data of documents with restricted access are not published in the document register. In the public register, a private person’s name is replaced with initials.

In order to view paper documents, documents with restricted access or documents that contain personal data, a request for information should be submitted.  On the basis of a request for information, a document’s information can be viewed to the extent specified in the Public Information Act.

Statistics Estonia will respond to a request for information within five working days.

  • If a request for information cannot be complied with due to insufficient information submitted by the person making the request, we will contact the person within five working days asking to specify the request for information.
  • If it is necessary to specify a request for information or if identifying the information is time-consuming, the term for compliance with the request for information may be extended to up to 15 working days. Reasons for the extension of the term will be provided within five working days.

Documents concerning holidays and business trips can be viewed in the documents approval register of the civil servant self-service portal RTIP (only in Estonian).

Documents with a valid retention period that were registered electronically prior to 2015 are not publicly available due to platform exchanges of the document management system, public document register and website. To obtain information about these documents, please submit a request for information. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Basis of restrictions of documents with restricted access and retention periods (in Estonian)