Today, houses, offices and other buildings are constructed faster than ever before. As a result of the development of the construction sector, buildings, bridges, stadiums and roads can be built in shorter time and with less resources. Construction covers building construction and civil engineering works, reconstruction, expansion and demolition.

Construction enterprises are primarily active in the domestic construction market. Thus, general economic development in the country has an impact on the construction sector. When the economy is growing fast, construction volumes are large; when economic growth slows down, construction works decrease, as customers place less orders.

Statistics Estonia publishes the following data for construction:

  • construction volumes of buildings and civil engineering works and change in the volumes;
  • construction value in Estonia by type of construction and location;
  • granted building permits and completed buildings.

In order to assess the situation of construction enterprises, we collect the following data from them:

  • turnover;
  • costs;
  • profits;
  • assets;
  • liabilities;
  • equity capital;
  • investments.
Dwelling completions 6,521
Usable floor area of non-residential building completions 666.8 thousand m²
Building permits granted for dwellings (new construction) 1,555
Q3 2023
Construction volume index, 2015 = 100 163.0
Q3 2023
Construction volume index change compared to same period in previous year -4.8 %
Q3 2023
Usable floor area of non-residential buildings with granted building permits (new construction) 231.2 thousand m²
Q3 2023
Total construction production in Estonia and abroad 1,168.4 million euros
Q3 2023
Construction volume index (2015 = 100) | 2nd quarter 2011 – 3rd quarter 2023

Construction volume down by 5% in the third quarter

According to Statistics Estonia, in the third quarter of 2023, the total production value of Estonian construction enterprises in Estonia and abroad decreased by 5% at constant prices compared with the third quarter of 2022. Considering only the domestic market, the fall in construction volume was 7%.
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