Estonian people love culture. The tradition of song and dance celebration has been a part of the Estonian identity for one and a half centuries, and it has helped people feel connected even in difficult times. Nowadays, people often go to concerts and the library, visit cultural objects, see films and plays, participate in amateur folk culture groups or cultural life in general.

Culture statistics provide data, for example, on theatre, cinema, music, exhibitions and publishing. Every two years, Statistics Estonia studies in more detail the consumption and availability of culture, cultural preferences and activities.

Culture statistics give an overview on:

  • how often people go to the cinema, theatre, concerts and museums in Estonia;
  • how popular are libraries;
  • how many choir singers, folk dancers and other folk culture amateurs there are;
  • how many films are produced, new exhibitions opened and plays staged;
  • how many newspapers, magazines and books are published;
  • the activity of audio-visual content producers and broadcasters.

Culture statistics give an idea of the extent of the love of culture in Estonia. Cultural statistics are a basis for making decisions about the preservation and development of culture, which are included in development plans.

Cultural participation of persons aged 15 and over 73.8 %
Library attendance of persons aged 15 and over 32.2 %
Theatre attendance of persons aged 15 and over 36.3 %
Concert attendance of persons aged 15 and over 38.7 %
Cinema attendance of persons aged 15 and over in the last 12 months 51.6 %
Persons who attended cinema, concert or theatre, by age | 2020