The number of people involved in sports and their share in the population is growing continuously. Everyone can find a sport or physical activity that they enjoy, whether it is jogging in forest, exercise class in a sports club, ballgame or lifting weights in the gym.

Estonia has set a target that, by 2030, at least two-thirds of the population should be physically active and involved in sports. A healthy lifestyle adds healthy life years and increases life expectancy.

Sports statistics include the following information:

  • how many amateur athletes there are in Estonia;
  • what is the profile of an amateur athlete;
  • which sports are most popular;
  • how many amateur athletes practice Olympic sports;
  • how many sports instructors there are;
  • how many sports organisations and clubs operate in Estonia.

Sports statistics help to analyse people’s physical activity levels and preferred sports as well as estimate the changes in the number of people involved in specific types of sport.

Share of persons aged 15 and over who were physically active 60.5 %
Amateurs in sports organisations 225,848
Amateurs in sports organisations by county | 2023
Amateurs in sports organisations by sex and age group | 2023


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