Registration for the European Statistics Competition is now open

Posted on 4 November 2019, 10:00

The European Statistics Competition 2020, organised by the European statistical office Eurostat, takes place in 17 countries. Basic school, secondary school and vocational school students are invited to participate. The best teams in Estonia are awarded and will have the opportunity to participate in the international phase of the competition.

The European Statistics Competition

The statistics competition is open to teams consisting of 1–3 members in two separate age groups: vocational school and secondary school grades 10–12 (about 16–18-year-olds) and basic school grades 7–9. The objective of the competition is to promote students’ curiosity and interest in statistics and encourage teachers to use new materials. The competition demonstrates the connection between statistics and everyday life as well as its importance in the society.

The competition starts with two assignments in Estonian. For the first assignment, students will complete three online tests with multiple choice questions. Those who pass on to the second assignment will prepare a statistical research output based on a ready-made dataset. Registration for the Estonian phase of the competition is open until 10 January 2020 through an online form. The national phase takes place from January to February and the international phase from March to April.

The three best teams of the Estonian phase and their tutors are awarded. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the European phase of the competition for which they need to submit a short video in English explaining a statistical concept or topic. The videos are submitted for a public choice award, which will determine the two teams of each age group with the most votes. These teams will represent Estonia in the European phase of the competition in March–April 2020. Estonian students were very successful in the international competition last year. In the older age group, the winning video belonged to the team from Hugo Treffner Gymnasium.

In Estonia, the competition is organised by Statistics Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research, SA Innove and the University of Tartu. Information about the competition can be found on the website of Statistics Estonia and on the international website of the European Statistics Competition. Questions about the competition or registration can also be sent by e-mail to voistlus [at] (voistlus[at]stat[dot]ee).

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