Professional life cycle of teachers in 2015–2022

How do teachers stay in the teaching profession, and when and to which posts do they move on? Where do the young teachers go? These are the questions we sought to answer in the contract work carried out in spring-summer 2022.

The analysis looked at the career paths of people who worked as teachers in 2019 and changes in these paths. Particular attention was paid to young teachers just starting out in this profession.

Interesting fact

Young people working as teachers were more stable in their jobs over both one and two years than their peers in other professions. After three years, 60% of teachers were still in the same job, compared with only half of the young people in other occupations. So we see that the tendency to change job is a feature of young people in general, and teachers do not stand out negatively in this respect.

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Commissioned by: 

Good Deed Education Fund

Data sources: 

Estonian Education Information System, Tax and Customs Board


Kadri Rootalu