Emptying blocks of flats in Valga and Lüganuse rural municipalities and Kohtla-Järve city

How many blocks of flats are there in Kohtla-Järve city and Lüganuse and Valga rural municipalities in which all or most dwellings are unoccupied? Can this question be answered by looking at electricity consumption data? We prepared an analysis, using place of residence registrations and electricity consumption data, to determine how many of the flats in the blocks of flats in Kohtla-Järve city and Lüganuse and Valga rural municipalities are empty.

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The results of the analysis are used in a project on emptying blocks of flats.

Interesting fact

The largest number of empty flats are in Sompa district in Kohtla-Järve city, where nearly half of the flats have no registered inhabitants and electricity has not been consumed in a third of the flats during the year.

Commissioned by: 

Ministry of Finance

Data sources: 

population register, building register, Address Data System, electricity consumption data of Elering AS


Tõnu Raitviir, Liisi Lillipuu, Kaja Sõstra

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