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In February, the turnover growth of retail trade enterprises slowed down

Posted on 30. March 2021 8:00

According to Statistics Estonia, in February 2021, the turnover of retail trade enterprises was 594 million euros. Compared to February 2020, turnover increased by 4% at constant prices.

According to Jaanika Tiigiste, leading analyst at Statistics Estonia, in January, turnover grew by 7% year on year, but in February, the growth slowed down. “While turnover increased in stores selling manufactured goods and in enterprises engaged in the retail sale of automotive fuel, the turnover of grocery stores declined for the first time in a while and was 1% smaller year on year,” said Tiigiste.

The turnover of stores selling manufactured goods increased by 7% compared to last year’s February. The biggest growth, of 44%, was recorded in stores selling via mail order or the internet. Turnover increased by 12% in other specialised stores selling predominantly computers and their accessories, books, sports equipment, games, toys, etc. and by 11% in stores selling household goods and appliances, hardware and building materials. Turnover decreased by 16% in stores selling textiles, clothing and footwear, by 4% in stores selling second-hand goods and in non-store retail sale (stalls, markets, direct sale), by 4% in pharmacies and stores selling cosmetics and by 3% in other non-specialised stores selling predominantly manufactured goods (department stores).

Compared to February 2020, the turnover of enterprises engaged in the retail sale of automotive fuel increased by 8%.

In February compared to January, the turnover of retail trade enterprises decreased by 5%. According to the seasonally and working-day adjusted data, turnover remained at the same level as in January.

Turnover volume index of retail trade enterprises and its trend, January 2011 – February 2021 (2015 = 100)

The statistics are based on the VAT declaration data of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. Statistics Estonia performs the statistical activity “Financial statistics of trade enterprises (monthly)” for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in order to determine how the Estonian economy is doing.

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More detailed data have been published in the statistical database.

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