Last year immigration and emigration increased

Posted on 28 May 2012, 11:00

According to Statistics Estonia, in 2011, 3,709 persons immigrated into Estonia and 6,214 persons emigrated from Estonia. Compared to the previous year, immigration as well as emigration increased.

899 persons more immigrated and 920 persons more emigrated compared to 2010. Similarly to previous years more women emigrated from Estonia and more men immigrated into Estonia.

Most immigrants came from Russia and Finland, approximately 1,200 from both countries. Slightly over two hundred people came from both USA and Ukraine while other countries’ immigration into Estonia was smaller.

People emigrated mostly to Finland where 3,600 persons migrated. At the same time migration to the United Kingdom has increased year-by-year exceeding 700 persons in 2011.

External migration, 2004–2011

Diagram: External migration, 2004–2011

Internal migration in 2011

Internal migration where a person changes the place of residence within Estonia, crossing the county, city or rural municipality borders has stayed on the same level over the last three years. Internal migration increased only 3% in 2011 compared to the previous year. 38,544 persons changed their place of residence crossing the county, city or rural municipality borders. Due to migration Tartu and Pärnu cities lost population most (emigration exceeded immigration by 525 and 405 persons, respectively). The biggest positive net migration was in Tallinn, where immigration exceeded emigration by 1,430 persons.

In external as well as internal migration most of the migrants are 25–29 years old.

Migration statistics are based on the data from the Population Register.