Statistics Estonia’s Deputy Director General for Information Technology will be Andres Kukke

Posted on 2 October 2017, 11:00

Andres Kukke will take office as the Deputy Director General for Information Technology of Statistics Estonia on October 16.

“I am glad to welcome to Statistics Estonia’s team a manager with long experience in the private sector and specialty knowledge and overview of technologies used in modern IT infrastructure, data processing solutions as well as development directions in IT”, said Mart Mägi, Director General of Statistics Estonia. “Statistics Estonia’s goal is to decrease the administrative burden of enterprises in the next few years, and we are actively looking for opportunities to use registers as the first source of information. At the same time, we are working on creating opportunities that enable enterprises to submit data directly from their accounting systems,” explained Mr Mägi. “Another aim is to give back to enterprises information that is necessary for them,” he added. “So it can be said that Statistics Estonia has the aim to create such a business technology environment for performing statistical activities and serving the users of statistics which would be at the forefront not just in Estonia but in entire Europe,” said Mr Mägi.

Andres Kukke has been involved in enterprise management and has lead business processes in different information technology and data processing stages. “I genuinely believe that effective data processing is the new driver of the economy in today’s business environment, and Statistics Estonia can serve here as a guide and partner for public and private sector enterprises. To me, the word “digital” means, first and foremost, effective use of data,” said Kukke. “This is an inspirational opportunity to optimize and develop the business technology capabilities of the state’s most important data processing institution – Statistics Estonia,” he added.

Since 2002, Andres Kukke has been the member of the board and business intelligence consultant of Infovara. Prior to that he was the business intelligence consultant of Resta and enterprise resource planning consultant of Kinex Ärisüsteemid.